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Prestressed Precast Concrete Manufacturers; Concrete Products, Concrete Beams, Retaining Walls, Panels and Flooring Systems

Established in July 1993, Quickcell Technology Products has grown to become one of Queensland's (and Northern NSW) leading prestressed and precast concrete manufacturers, offering an extensive range of precast concrete products including prestressed, precast concrete panels, Fully Integrated Beams and Flooring Systems, Prestressed Walls, Double-T Floors, Prestressed Solid Composite Planks and concrete slabs.

Quickcell Technology's years of experience in prestressed and precast concrete manufacturing has lead to numerous ground-breaking technological advancements through the development of lighter and stronger alternatives to conventional precast concrete and in-situ solutions. Our exclusive Quickcell system has revolutionised the manufacturing of precast components for the building industry, facilitating faster off-site assembly of components and as consequently significant cost savings to the consumer.