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Double Tee Floors

Long span "Double Tee" prestressed floors (up to 15m) with shorter span precast prestressed concrete beams (up to 8.5m) are truly an alternative option for an open floor design when compared with a post tensioned insitu system.

The overall height of Double Tee floors and beams can remain around 400mm, when our proposed flange support system is used in conjunction with our prestressed beams.


The most significant advantages of use of Double Tee come from a combination of factors. These include light weight finished floor. Finished floor, including topping, weighs under 4 kpa. Long span floor will result in the reduction of number of beams, columns and footings. Further saving is achieved from the speed in construction.

Bearing Arrangements

As it is applicable with our insulated prestressed floors, similar arrangements can be offered to suit design and construction requirements of the structure. Please see the relevant details.

Fire Resistance

The growing demand for structural concrete components with a high degree of fire resistance and load bearing capacity has led Quickcell to provide a new range of Double Tee Beams.

A project where this technology has been used:


  • Six Storey Carpark - Sunshine Coast (Prestressed Beams, Double Tee Floors, Flat Floors and Precast Balustrades)